About Us

The Family

Marlys Hoksbergen and her son Ryan have operated a dairy together since 2001.  Ryan got married to Jenny a couple of years later and they have been blessed with two children.  We are transitioning the family farm to Red Angus.



I have always wanted to be a cowboy.  I blame my mom for letting me watch lots of John Wayne movies when I was little.  When she gave us ponies, my brothers and I spent many an hour galloping across the pasture pretending we were cowboys.

Growing up on a dairy and now owning one with my mom has been the road God has lead me down up to this point.  Through it I have gained a love for cattle and the knowledge that quality cattle make an operation profitable.  Thus from the start, I have worked to breed our milking herd to be their best.  In 2017, trusting God’s leading, we purchased our first Red Angus cattle.  I look forward to breeding them to produce the best offspring as well.  As our business grows we hope to build many good relationships with cattle producers looking for well-rounded, profitable cattle.



I have been a dairy farmer most of my life.  My goal has always been to breed better and better dairy cows; a cow that produces the most milk possible, has good feet, good legs, a good udder, and would stay in the herd for a long time.  As we transition to Red Angus cattle, I also want to produce well-rounded, profitable cattle using genomics, which I find fascinating.

Any free time I have, I like to spend with my six children and 14 grandchildren.  It is always encouraging to see God working in all facets of my family's lives.